At the dawn of the 15th Lunar century since the descent of The Qur’an, God Almighty Has Provided a Message for all people of intellect in the 21st century. He has Proclaimed it by Opening The Qur’an, for the second time, through a discernment, FurQan, in agreement with contemporary science.

And as His usual System, before Sending or Reopening His Books, He Reassures people by sending a Miracle to their level of insight, beyond human reach.

The Qur’an reopens for us today. First, with mathematical coding, ever unattainable, connecting every word of The Book, Proving that it has been Preserved for the last 14 centuries, and by all means being The Word of God. Then, for the first time in the history of man on Earth, The Almighty Lord of the people of the universe, Introduces four of His Forces, as the four essential forces of the whole Creation, under the Name “الله”!

In this discernment, all 14 centuries' mysteries of The Qur’an are unveiled! God Sends the instructions as to how we can save ourselves from drowning in the waves of calamities / pollutions of the world.



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